Attorney Oath

Written by ImmigrationHelp Team

Dear Community -

At, our mission is to make first-class immigration help free for anywhere, anywhere. We are a team of immigrants and children of immigrants from five countries, and we believe that the American Dream is for everyone - not just those who can afford to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars. 

Most people can safely apply for immigration statuses like DACA, Family Green Cards, and Citizenship without a lawyer when they have access to the right tools. That’s why our team of lawyers and technologists has built first-class technology to help you prepare many immigration applications. If you’re eligible, our online tool will safely and conveniently prepare your immigration forms for free. 

We recognize that immigration can be complicated, and that some people need a little more help than our free tool can provide. That’s why we've partnered with lawyers around the country to provide free immigration evaluations to our users. These lawyers are passionate about helping immigrants, and they have all taken the Attorney Oath: 

“I acknowledge that the primary reason that allows poor, underprivileged, or distressed individuals using its website to request a free evaluation from a private law firm is to further its nonprofit mission of increasing access to justice and the civil legal system though free education, which my firm is able to provide, and technology.

By providing free evaluations, I acknowledge that my firm is helping further accomplish its charitable purpose of providing the poor, underprivileged, or distressed with greater understanding and access to their legal rights.

I acknowledge that the fee arrangements my firm offers provide distressed individuals with a reasonable opportunity to access my firm’s services. I also acknowledge that any individual who receives a free evaluation from our firm has absolutely no obligation to pay me or my law firm for any services we provide.

I acknowledge that any individual may return to the website after receiving a free evaluation from me to consume free legal information, use any of's online self-service tools, or sign up for any newsletters. I acknowledge and support that the relationship between and any individual who requests a free evaluation is ongoing. 

I acknowledge that any fees my firm pays are subsequent to each free evaluation request made by a beneficiary, regardless of how a beneficiary proceeds. I acknowledge that fees our firm pays allows to reinvest in furthering its charitable purposes, continuing to keep its technology tools and educational content free.”

Lawyers who take this oath may offer you paid services that make sense for your case, but they will never try to sell you something you don't need.

If you need a free immigration evaluation, you may request one through our web-application. We’ll match you with an attorney if one is available, and connect you with Legal Aid providers if an attorney is not available. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at