Our Optional Services

Written by ImmigrationHelp Team

Dear Community -

At ImmigrationHelp.org, our mission is to make first-class immigration help free for anywhere, anywhere. We are a team of immigrants and children of immigrants from five countries. And we believe that the American Dream is for everyone - not just those who can afford to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars. Most people can safely apply for immigration statuses like DACA, Family Green Cards, and Citizenship without a lawyer when they have access to the right tools. That’s why our team of lawyers and technologists has built first-class technology to help you prepare many immigration applications. If you’re eligible, our online tool will safely and conveniently prepare your immigration forms for free.

Our users occasionally want additional support from us. Some just want to talk to an expert over the phone to ask a few questions. Others want their immigration forms triple-checked by an expert for peace of mind.

If you find yourself wanting extra help with your application, we offer two types of optional paid support for you to choose from:

Strategy Call ($150 for 1 hr)

One of our immigration experts will spend up to 1 hour answering questions about your case or explaining your immigration process. Phone or Video Call are available.

Immigration Document Review ($300 for 1 hr)

One of our immigration experts will double-check review your completed forms and supporting documents and discuss your case with you over the phone for up to 1 hour. Phone or Video Call are available.

If you decide to pay for optional support, you can feel good knowing that your money allows us to maintain and expand our free tools for people who can’t afford to pay for help. Thousands of immigrants use our free service, and we are proud to partner with you to help them on their American journey regardless of their ability to pay.

Together, we hope to make America a more welcoming place for all immigrants.


Jonathan Petts